Teaching physics with our tools at Takaro School

Takaro School children compete in a tug-of-war contest.

Electrix has recently established a partnership with Takaro School, a decile-1 primary school in Palmerston North. 

Our first engagement with the school involved our transmission line team supporting them with their annual Tug-of-War Day, which the school used to teach the children the basics of physics.

Volunteers from Electrix came along for the Tug-of-War Day, bringing rigging gear used by transmission line crews to showcase a real-life example of physics in motion.

During the contest, children were shocked and bemused to see a handful of teachers easily take on a crowd of pupils and win easily, despite the overwhelming number of children.

Unbeknown to the children, a sneaky set of rope ties and clever manipulation of the pulley system rigged the competition so that the teachers were guaranteed to win.

The activities helped spur the enquiring minds of the students, and some curious pupils were heard asking the Electrix team for scientific explanations of why the teachers were able to win so easily.

Electrix has extended its school partnerships to four decile-1 primary schools across New Zealand, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

Takaro Primary School is the latest to join, following New River Primary in Invercargill, and Onepoto Primary and Panama Road School in Auckland. In addition to activities, such as the Tug-of-War, we also support schools with the purchasing of uniforms and stationery packs to ensure that all students have the necessary resources to attend classes.

Electrix continues to support these schools with ongoing staff involvement, which offers our staff the opportunity to volunteer and give back to our local communities.