Electrix NZ progresses on the Northern Corridor Improvement (NCI) Project
NCI Project

The Northern Corridor Improvement (NCI) Project is a four-year construction programme on Auckland’s North Shore that is earmarked for completion by 2022. The NCI project involves widening a section of Auckland’s Northern motorway and creating a new interchange between the Northern and Western motorways, creating improved travel choices for walkers, cyclists and users of public transport.

Electrix NZ has been engaged by Vector to design and construct the electrical network alterations associated with relocation of existing electricity assets and providing new power supplies to the motorway. Electrix NZ’s Distribution Services (DSD) staff have been involved from the inception of this significant project, with approximately $2milllion of project work to be delivered to support the NCI programme.

To date, the team has completed three significant relocation projects as part of the NCI project. One of the first enabling projects undertaken, was the temporary relocation of a 33kV overhead pole line across a landfill site between Greville Road and Rosedale Road.  The other relocation projects included the Rosedale Road Underpass MV & LV Cables Relocations, and Upper Harbour Highway 33kV OHUG.

Currently, works have been completed on the relocation of a 110kV line that runs from Wairau Substation to Albany Substation to make way for the new SH1 and SH18 interchange.

The project also includes dismantling an existing 110kV, 20m mono pole and erecting two new 24m steel poles to carry 110kv double circuits (T1 & T2) and 33kV line.

Electrix NZ’s design and project management teams have worked in collaboration with the NCI/Vector teams to ensure successful outcomes on this significant regional project.