Electrix’s new supply chain partnership helps Vector gas customers get connected quicker and at less cost.

Natural gas is delivered to homes and businesses in the North Island through a piped mains network, which Electrix’s highly skilled teams connect to customer properties, for clients such as Vector and FirstGas.

Electrix’s gas team connects over 3,200 residential properties for Vector customers each year throughout the wider Auckland region—an area spanning almost 5,000 km2.

Previously, the Albany depot was used to supply all materials for the entire region, resulting in significant time spent driving between sites, with round trips averaging approximately 80km.

A single supply point servicing such a large geographical area caused unnecessary fuel consumption and carbon emissions and ultimately increased the cost to our client’s customers.

To combat this situation, our gas teams looked closely at leveraging their existing supply chain, as a solution to streamline our customer service delivery and make our processes cleaner and greener.

As a pilot test, Cory’s Electrical supplied our gas connections teams with yellow polyethylene pipe (PE pipe), an essential piece of equipment required on every gas connection. Instead of making long trips to pick up extra materials from Albany, the crews would instead collect the materials needed from the closest of the four Cory’s depots in Auckland.

After a successful two-month trial, all gas connections crews now use Cory’s distribution points across Auckland, as supply points, reducing vehicle emissions, petrol consumption, and ultimately completing more customer connections for Vector faster and more efficiently.

The pilot has had such success that the initiative is now being extended into the wider gas group, with our gas maintenance teams also onboard with this approach and witnessing the benefits on a larger scale.

As part of our sustainability reporting, we are tracking the actual savings in fuel, time and emissions.

The initiative caught further attention within Electrix when it was nominated for the VINCI Environment Awards, a competition run across all subsidiaries of Electrix’s parent company VINCI. Read more about the VINCI Environment Awards in our other story here…