We are recognised as the pioneers of world first approaches to improve safety and efficiency.


Safety is paramount across all our operations and safety awareness is embedded in our culture. Electrix is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees and stakeholders and our highly developed, fully accredited safety management systems are integral to all our business activities.

Live Line Work

Our Network customers often require maintenance on the electrical grid to be completed without taking equipment out of service. Electrix has the specialist skills for this work and has pioneered the development of techniques and technologies to improve safety and efficiency.

We have unique capabilities that include the use of helicopters to complete live line works and innovations, such as ‘live line go-karts’ and live line pole replacements. These have been well received by the industry and recognised as key contributors to project efficiencies.

With full geographic coverage across New Zealand, we are able to deliver a complete range of services to our customer base.

Transmission Services

  • Hot stick and bare hand live line workTransmission, Live Line Go-karts, Hot stick and Bare and Live Line Work
  • Pylon/tower and pole erection
  • Fibre optic stringing and termination
  • Pylon/tower foundations — construction and maintenance
  • HV cables — installation, repair and replacement
  • HV insulators — installation, repair and replacement
  • Condition assessment of network and assets
  • Development of maintenance programmes and associated financial budgets
  • Design of transmission lines and substations
  • Substation installation
  • Substation maintenance
  • Substation protection and communication systems


Through our parent company, we have access to the additional expertise and services of Omexom.  Omexom is VINCI Energies’ brand specialising in electrical power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution. 

Omexom offers an entire range of engineering, construction, and maintenance services to producers, operators and owners of networks, and manufacturers. Access to a significant base of global knowledge and expertise adds to the already strong capability of Electrix in this sector.

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