Transpower Bunnythorpe and Haywards Transmission Line
Transpower Bunnythorpe Haywards
Client: Transpower
Location: Lower North Island
Contract Value: $6m

Transpower have awarded Electrix the BPE-HAY A&B Lines Section 3/4 and Section 5 (Forest), Section 2 (Expressway) Reconductoring Projects.

The  Bunnythorpe  –  Haywards  Transmission  Line  A&B  require  very  high maintenance due to their proximity to the coast and prevailing westerly winds. The lines are 220kV “flat top” lattice steel tower lines, each 118 km long, 640 spans, commissioned in the 1950’s and traversing through four distinct terrain types, flat farmland, rolling hill (sand dunes) mixed flat farm land, steep hill and steep bush. The conductor on both lines will now be replaced with a larger ACSR type (Zebra @ 75⁰C).

These sections of reconductoring work are due to start in October 2016 with completion being April 2017

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